What is Machine Learning?

what is machine learning?

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence which studies algorithms and statistical models. It aims to effectively perform certain tasks such as processing the natural language (NLP). You could also say that Machine learning calculations utilize computational techniques to “learn” data specifically from information without depending on a predetermined condition as a model. The calculations adaptively improve their execution as the quantity of tests and data accessible for learning increments.

Stock Market Prediction: Train a neural network to predict stock prices

How to train a neural network to predict stock prices logo

In December last year, I started researching on the stock market and I stumbled upon helpful information I thought I would share. I learned about the analysis needed in order to excel as the 1% of stock traders. I asked myself, “But what if I combined some machine learning?” Now, we are ready to cram years worth of work in weeks! Strap on and let’s start the journey.