Pareto’s Principle


Pareto stated that 20% of the inputs are responsible for roughly 80% of the outcomes. An example of this is that 18% of the words used make up 80% of the word occurrences. Writers wanted to use less lengthy words to get their thoughts out whereby listeners want more lengthy words to understand better. This compromise gives us Zipf’s Law. Speaking of percentages, did you know that about 6% of all things said, written and read is the? (The word ‘the’ in case you didn’t catch it).



Silence! You could hear the heartbeats, the slow but sure heartbeats, the paced breaths. But most of all, you could feel it. Tests are arguably the most terrified pieces of paper in school history and the worst part is not actually doing them, it’s getting the results. That’s what gives you the fear, the anxiety.