Pareto’s Principle


Pareto stated that 20% of the inputs are responsible for roughly 80% of the outcomes. An example of this is that 18% of the words used make up 80% of the word occurrences. Writers wanted to use less lengthy words to get their thoughts out whereby listeners want more lengthy words to understand better. This compromise gives us Zipf’s Law. Speaking of percentages, did you know that about 6% of all things said, written and read is the? (The word ‘the’ in case you didn’t catch it).



Silence! You could hear the heartbeats, the slow but sure heartbeats, the paced breaths. But most of all, you could feel it. Tests are arguably the most terrified pieces of paper in school history and the worst part is not actually doing them, it’s getting the results. That’s what gives you the fear, the anxiety.

What is Machine Learning?

what is machine learning?

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence which studies algorithms and statistical models. It aims to effectively perform certain tasks such as processing the natural language (NLP). You could also say that Machine learning calculations utilize computational techniques to “learn” data specifically from information without depending on a predetermined condition as a model. The calculations adaptively improve their execution as the quantity of tests and data accessible for learning increments.

Step by step instructions to Becoming a Data Scientist

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Data science is seemingly the most sizzling profession of the 21st century. In the present cutting edge world, everybody is itching with questions that must be replied by “huge amounts of data”. From non-profit organizations to corporations to government foundations, there is an apparently boundless measure of data that can be arranged, translated, and connected for a wide scope of purposes.

Stock Market Prediction: Train a neural network to predict stock prices

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In December last year, I started researching on the stock market and I stumbled upon helpful information I thought I would share. I learned about the analysis needed in order to excel as the 1% of stock traders. I asked myself, “But what if I combined some machine learning?” Now, we are ready to cram years worth of work in weeks! Strap on and let’s start the journey.

A Detailed Guide to Web Scraping using Python

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The art of web scraping is increasingly becoming more and more popular with the rapid expansion of data across the web. From data scientists extracting valuable research material from the web to an individual like you extracting Donald Trump’s tweet and arranging them systematically for you to peruse in the morning over a hot cup of coffee; web scraping has a lot of gems to be exploited.