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18 | Tech Enthusiast | Currently in Fintech.

Committed to developing innovative technology that works towards achieving The 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

You can read more about my projects and daily thought process as well as things I've learnt on my blog.

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SEO Marketing

I can optimize your website to be recognized by search engines such as Google and Bing to rank higher to increase traffic to your website.

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Web Development

I can develop and design a multipurpose or personal website. Be it a blog or company website, I will develop a secure and responsive webiste for your needs. Experience in HMTL, CSS, Django, XML, PHP and Javascript.

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Task Automation and Programs

I can design robust Python code and scripts that can automate tasks and do simple functions such as using API's, scraping or faster data collection and cleaning.

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Machine Learning

I can do data science using Python, explain machine learning concepts, training and testing models like facial recognition models and data analysis and representation of large amounts of data.

On the left most section is the Surfball game in the making using the Unity3D editor. It will be an Android game soon to be released in the Play Store.
On the right is an ongoing project in the Google Research Colab. It is a data science research on drought eradication through prediciton of weather patterns and human behaviours. Data is amazing!

Here is a screenshot of an Android Studio project for my new app – Viral Cloud. The app is on track to also be released to the Play Store soon. More details on the app is below.

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Launched a new portfolio website

Well hello! You are a part of the inception of a new portfolio website for Mark Gacoka. The website was created as a library to compile and organize all of my achievements and ‚Äčabilities. Cruise around and visit my socials where you can follow me. The contacts are below or otherwise click on the image above.

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About to launch an Android app

An android app is soon to be born on Android Play Store. The app will be an addictive platform showcasing long forgotten videos buried in the Internet, funny vines and epic fails. The app also has an accompanying website which is a subset of this website. Visit it by clicking on the image above.

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Just started a YT channel

I am on set to start a YouTube channel starting from February, 2019 . The YouTube channel will feature comedic and entertainment videos aiming on satirical humour and sarcasm. You can find the channel by clicking on the picture above. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy some self-deprecating humour.

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Gacoka Mbui
16 Turk Street
San Francisco, CA
Keep on smiling. Have a nice day!
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Personal Email: markgacoka@gmail.com

Business Email: admin@markgacoka.com

School Email: markgacoka@minerva.kgi.edu